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Sheila Bennett

Sheila Bennett

Sheila is DCMS’ Head of Libraries Strategy and Delivery. Prior to this she was interim Head of the Libraries Taskforce Team, and remains its policy lead. She authored the Libraries Deliver: Ambition strategy document, and also worked on numerous Taskforce toolkits and guidance documents.
She previously worked at the Government Digital Service where she wrote the Government Digital Strategy and led on digital take-up work.
Before this she was Assistant Director for Customer and Democratic Services at LB Bromley, where she worked closely with libraries to deliver a range of services to local communities.
She is above all else a committed life-long hard-core library user!

Masterclasses reports: longer-term, evidence-based sustainable planning and libraries benchmarking toolkits

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Neil MacInnes introducing the session in Leeds Central library.

A full report of the recent Taskforce masterclasses. This post looks in detail at the new evidence-based planning toolkit. A post will follow tomorrow on the benchmarking framework.